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Your Category Selection: Violation - Throw-in

Date submitted: 2016-01-13

Question submitted:
If the player performing a throw-in rolls the ball and the roll starts on the floor out-of-bounds crossing the line to in-bounds, is this a violation?

Rules Interpreter Response:
This is a throw-in violation. It is no different than a bounce pass on a throw-in that hits out of bounds on the bounce. The ball must be passed directly onto the court and legally touched or it is a throw-in violation.

Date submitted: 2013-03-03

Question submitted:
A1 scores a goal, B1 controls the ball for a throw in along the baseline and turns to throw the ball in but realizes none of his teammates are there to accept his pass, his momentum causes him to step onto the court with one foot but he has not released the ball. Is he allowed the 5 second count since this is after a made goal, or is this a violation as in Rule 9-2-5?

Rules Interpreter Response:
This is a violation by the thrower per rule 9-2-5. See casebook play 9-2-5 Situation A.

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