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Date submitted: 2011-03-10

Question submitted:
On the in-bounds from the baseline is it legal for the ball to hit the net before a player touching it without being a violation? How about any part of the basket?

Rules Interpreter Response:
rule 9.2.7 states the ball shall not "enter the basket" before being touched on a throw in. Conversely, 'touching' any part of the basket would be legal during a throw-in.

Date submitted: 2011-02-15

Question submitted:
I have not seen this but it almost happen in a game. Team A makes a basket. Team B takes the ball out to inbound. B1 inbound pass hits the front of the rim. If I am correct this not a violation. If on any inbound pass that hits the back of the backboard, poles or guide wires this would be a violation on Team B and Team A would get the ball back. Thanks

Rules Interpreter Response:
Rule 9 section 2 covers provisions of a throw-in. Articles 7 and 8 apply to ball contact with the basket during a throw-in. Article 7 states "...thrown ball shall not enter basket...." and article 8 states "...thrown ball shall not become lodged...". No mention is listed of hitting the basket on a throw-in. So, legal action. Correct on question/statement about hitting back of backboard, poles, wires - violation per rule 7-1-2.3

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