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Your Category Selection: Violation - Free Throw

Date submitted: 2013-03-02

Question submitted:
Is the one and one free throw(s) considered "multiple free throws"?

Rules Interpreter Response:
A one and one free throw is NOT considered Multiple free throws since if the first one is missed only that ONE is shot.

Date submitted: 2012-01-16

Question submitted:
A1 is awarded free throws for a personal foul. As teams A and B begin take position in lane spaces, Coach B calls all of his team to the floor in front of his coaching box without a time out called by either coach. Assuming A1 is ready to shoot free throws, and players from team B do not occupy the required lane spaces what is the proper procedure? First I assume officials should request Coach B to have players occupy lane spaces, but then if Team B does not comply, do you administer free throws with a delayed lane violation and on subsequent noncompliance by team B administer a delay of game technical or do you forego the delayed lane violation and immediately enforce a delay of game technical? Rule 9-1-2 penalty 2 would indicate using a delayed lane violation, however casebook 9.1.2 situation A indicates that a free throw procedure is never started w/out defensive players occupying the 1st lane spaces unless using the resumption of play procedure following a timeout or intermissi

Rules Interpreter Response:
Advise the coach that his/her players are required to occupy the first lane spaces immediately. If Team B fails to comply, the team is in violation of rule 10.1.5b and should be assessed a team technical foul. Because the situation described does not involve a timeout or intermission, the resumption of play procedures in rule 8.1.2 cannot be used. If a technical foul is assessed, shoot the free throw(s) for the first foul with no players along the lane; shoot the free throws for the technical foul and award the ball to Team A for a throw-in at the division line opposite the table. The team technical foul counts toward the bonus, but is not charged indirectly to the head coach.

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