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Your Category Selection: Violation - Basket Interference

Date submitted: 2012-02-03

Question submitted:
A1 on a fastbreak attempts to dunk, the ball bounces straight up. B1 is located underneath A1, A1 hangs on the rim. Ball comes down and goes in while A1 is still on the rim. Official disallows the basket due to basket interference and does not asess a technical foul. Is the official correct?

Rules Interpreter Response:
This ruling is correct. Grasping the ring to prevent injury is allowed. (10-3-3) However, since the player was touching the ring when the ball entered the basket, basket interference occurred and must be called. (4-6-1)

Foul - Bench Technical
Foul - Contact
Foul - Contact Defensive
Foul - Contact Offensive
Foul - Contact Player Control
Foul - Contact Team Control
Foul - Head Coaches Rule
Foul - Intentional
Foul - Player Technical
Foul - Substitute Technical
Foul - Team Technical
Live Ball / Dead Ball
Points of Emphasis
Resumption of Play
Scoring and Timing
Violation - Backcourt
Violation - Ball enters basket from below
Violation - Basket Interference
Violation - Closely Guarded
Violation - Dribble - Illegal
Violation - Excessive Swinging of Arm(s)/Elbow(s)
Violation - Fist
Violation - Free Throw
Violation - Goal Tending
Violation - Jump Ball
Violation - Kick
Violation - Out of Bounds
Violation - Ten seconds
Violation - Three seconds
Violation - Throw-in
Violation - Travel

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