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Your Category Selection: Violation - Backcourt

Date submitted: 2015-11-16

Question submitted:
Ball is being inbounded on the front court side of the division line. The ball is thrown in bounds and bounces in the front court to a player in the back court is this a back court violation.

Rules Interpreter Response:
It is not a backcourt violation. For a back court violation to occur you have to have Team control in the front court, on the court. While there is team control during the throw in, it is out of bounds and not on the court.

Date submitted: 2015-03-08

Question submitted:
A1throws ball in from front court sideline. Ball bounces in front court first then player A2 catches ball in back court. Back court violation?

Rules Interpreter Response:
A backcourt violation first requires team control in the front court. The front court includes only inbounds and not out of bounds. Therefore, your example indicates that there was no team control in the front court so there can be no backcourt violation. See Rule 9.9.

Date submitted: 2015-01-12

Question submitted:
Team A is inbounding the ball from their frontcourt sideline. Team A1 player throws a lob pass into the backcourt that never touches the ground and Team A2 player jumps from frontcourt in air and catches pass in backcourt without establishing both feet in the backcourt first. Is this a backcourt violation? I am referencing Rule 9.9 Backcourt Violation. I believe it is a backcourt violation. Thank you,

Rules Interpreter Response:
This is NOT a backcourt violation. There are 3 exceptions noted in 9.9.3. During a Jump ball, Throw in or while on defense, a player may legally jump from his/her frontcourt, secure control of the ball with both feet off the floor and return to the floor with 1 or both feet in the backcourt. The order in which the feet land is not a consideration as long as it is a normal landing. i.e. the first foot to land can be in the frontcourt and the 2nd in the backcourt and it is still legal.

Date submitted: 2014-12-31

Question submitted:
Please help me with a play! A1 holds the ball in his frontcourt. He passes to A2 but B1 tips the ball, the ball bounces in the front court still and goes into the air above the backcourt. It never touches the backcourt. A2 steps into the back court and catches the ball. Is it a backcourt violation? I think it is- A2 touching causes the backcourt status of the ball not the tipping of the ball since the ball still had fr OK ntcourt status. Thank you Mike

Rules Interpreter Response:
You are correct, Mike. The touching of A2 in the backcourt is a violation. If the tipped ball had touched first in the backcourt before being touched by anyone on team A, there would be no violation.

Date submitted: 2012-12-06

Question submitted:
A1 crosses the division line and achieves front court status. Gets trapped in a press. Throws a pass to a player from Team A that is coming from the backcourt. The player gets 1 foot down in the frontcourt but not both. Over and back or not? Basically, I can't find the rule confirming that the player needs both feet down in the frontcourt to be in the frontcourt.

Rules Interpreter Response:
Rule 4.4.1 defines the ball location. 'A ball which is in contact with a player or with the court is in the backcourt if either the ball or the player (either player if the ball is touching more than one) is touching the backcourt'. So in your question, if the the player is not touching in the backcourt, his one foot in the frontcourt gives him frontcourt status.

Date submitted: 2012-02-25

Question submitted:
A1 crosses the division line and achieves front court status. Gets trapped in the corner. Throws a bounce pass with spin that hits the division line and then is caught by A2 in the front court all the way on the other side of the court. Is this a backcourt violation?

Rules Interpreter Response:
The ruling is a backcourt violation. The ball had frontcourt status with Team A in control. When A1's pass touched the division line, A1 was the last to touch the ball before it went into the backcourt. The division line is part of the backcourt (Rule 4.13.2) Rule 9.9 states, a player shall not be the first to touch the ball after is has been in player and team control in the frontcourt, if he/she or a teammate last touched or was touched by the ball in the frontcourt before it went into the backcourt. The status of the player from Team that touches the ball after Team A causes it to go into the backcourt is no factor.

Date submitted: 2012-01-06

Question submitted:
A1's endline throw in is contacted by A2s hand in team A's frontcourt and deflected into the back court where A3 is the first to touch the ball.

Rules Interpreter Response:
No infraction. Team A never controlled the ball in the frontcourt. (Rule 9.9.1)

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