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Date submitted: 2014-04-14

Question submitted:
Is there a violation call for a player who made an inbound and pass the ball to his teammates and immedietely enter the line and immeditely also his tem mate returned to him??

Rules Interpreter Response:
A player inbounding the ball must establish themselves on the playing court (inside the lines) before receiving the ball back from a teammate. If they do not, it is a boundary violation.

Date submitted: 2012-01-16

Question submitted:
A-1 is throwing the ball in, A-2,3,4,5 stack in a line, does B have a right to be in between the A players?

Rules Interpreter Response:
Players are allowed a spot on the floor provided they obtain it first and legally (Rule 4.23). If during a throw-in players from Team A obtain positions in a "stack" legally they are allowed that/those position(s). If a player from Team B has obtained a spot legally that prohibits Team A from "stacking" he/she is allowed that position. There is no rule support for not allowing teammates to occupy adjacent positions perpendicular to the boundary line provided they obtain the positions legally.

Date submitted: 2012-01-10

Question submitted:
While A1 is dribbling the ball in the back court or anywhere inbounds, B3 calls a time out. The official nearest to B3 blows the whistle and stops play for the time out. The other officials realizes the mistake immediately and notifies his partner A Team had possession and Team B is not entitled to a time out. The official then gets ready to put the ball back into play ( has not handed or bounced the ball to A1). Coach Team B how requests a time out,. The ball is dead, do you grant the tim

Rules Interpreter Response:
Per rule 6-7-5, the ball becomes dead on the whistle. The inadvertent whistle, rule 5-8-3, does not permit Team B to be granted a timeout. However, because the ball is dead, rule 5-8-3 allows either team to request and be granted a timeout. The ball is not at the disposal of Team A for the throw-in, and is not live which allows Team B to be granted a timeout. After the timeout, the ball is awarded to Team A at the spot closest to where the ball was when it became dead.

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