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Date submitted: 2014-02-26

Question submitted:
Held ball between A1 and B1. After whistle, B1 shoves A1; in response A1 shove B1. Players become engaged, no punches. A1 head coach comes on the floor to prevent fight. B1 head coach and 1 assistant come on floor to prevent fight. What is the Procedure to administer penalties for dead ball contact between A1 and B1 and the Asst. coach on the floor ?

Rules Interpreter Response:
In high school basketball you always go in the order of the action. So first you have the off setting technicals for A1 & B1. No shots. 2nd you have the bench technical on B's Assistant coach. Team A will shoot 2 free throws and take the ball out at the division line across from the table. Head coach for team B loses the use of the coaching box.

Date submitted: 2013-03-10

Question submitted:
A held ball occurs then a tech is given to B1 - also is Bs arrow/ what is ruling?

Rules Interpreter Response:
If a technical foul is charged subsequent to a held ball, the held ball is disregarded. The game is resumed with the penalty for the technical foul - two free throws and the throw-in at the division line opposite the table. Because the throw-in is part of the technical foul penalty the arrow is unaffected.

Date submitted: 2013-03-03

Question submitted:
Team A has been given a warning in the 1st half for jumping over the endline during a Team B throw in without contacting the ball or any Team B player. Now in the 3rd quarter A-5 slaps the ball away as it passes threw the net after A-2 made basket. This is now a Technical Foul! It should be charged as a Team A Technical and count towards Team A foul count (for the bonus 7 or 10). It should also be charged to A-5 and count towards his 5 fouls. Is this the correct procedure.

Rules Interpreter Response:
Once a team has received a warning for one of the four actions found in Rule 4-47, any subsequent delaying action as defined by Rule 4-47 results in a Team technical foul that counts toward the bonus (Rule 10-1-5e and Penalty). This is not a player technical foul, nor is it charged indirectly to the head coach. (Casebook Play 10.3.10) However, if B1 reaches through the boundary plane and contacts the ball, that would be a player technical foul (Rule 10-3-10). If B1's action is prior to any warning for delay is issued to Team B, this action also constitutes a warning that should be noted in the book.

Date submitted: 2012-02-17

Question submitted:
In the middle of the 3rd quarter a crew called a technical foul for unsportsmanship. And the offended team wanted to sub someone in to shoot the free throws. The crew did not allow the sub in and informed the coach he had to use a player on the floor is that correct.

Rules Interpreter Response:
The officials were incorrect. Rule 8.3 allows any member of the offended team to shoot either one or both of the free throws awarded for a technical foul including an eligible substitute.

Date submitted: 2012-01-06

Question submitted:
A1 has the privilege of a endline throw in. A1 attempts to pass the ball to A2 who is standing out of bounds on the endline. B2 reaches threw the plane and makes contact with the ball while it is in the air on the pass to A2.

Rules Interpreter Response:
Technical foul on B2. (Rules 9.2.10 and 10.3.10)

Date submitted: 2012-01-05

Question submitted:
If A-1 is throwing the ball in and hits B-1 with the ball in the face or stomach what is the ruling?

Rules Interpreter Response:
See Casebook play 10.3.6 on page 87. If the act was intentional, it would be at minimum an unsporting technical foul and perhaps flagrant. If it were accidental or the defender's movement caused the situation, a technical foul would not be appropriate.

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