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Date submitted: 2013-03-03

Question submitted:
Had an intentional foul on team B. Prior to free throws, team B requests time out. Do you grant time out before administering free throws? Or do you shoot free throws first?

Rules Interpreter Response:
The timeout should be granted.

Date submitted: 2012-01-24

Question submitted:
A coach starts yelling at his players to foul and keeps repeating foul until one player actually fouls another. Isn't that an automatic intentional foul?

Rules Interpreter Response:
Strategic fouls are a part of the game and are not intentional fouls in and of themselves. However, contact away from the ball or contact when not making an legitimate attempt to play the ball or player, specifically designed to stop the clock or prevent the clock from starting should be ruled an intentional foul. (2006-07 Points of Emphasis)

Date submitted: 2012-01-05

Question submitted:
Needing a little clarification on the new rule concerning intentional foul on thrower in a throw in situation. New rule states any contact is an intentional foul. What would be the call if thrower intentionally sweeps arms across arms of vertical defender and contact occurs? Defender has not intentionally caused contact but there is contact nonetheless. I can see this being some kind of ploy being used by coaches at end of close games to get 2 shots and the ball.

Rules Interpreter Response:
If the defender is in a legal position and is contacted by the thrower, the defender is not responsible for contact and could not be charged with a foul.

Date submitted: 2011-01-26

Question submitted:
Player A is intentionally fouled by player B. Player A is fouled while in the act of shooting and the ball enters the basket. The official counts the basket and awards Player A one free throw. Is the official correct?

Rules Interpreter Response:
Official is not correct. Whether basket counts or not, penalty for intentional foul is two free throws and the ball out of bounds at the spot of the foul. See Rules 4-19-3 and 10-6-11.4. Also, specific casebook example 4-19-3 situation A.

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